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Session 6-4

Tipping the Calorie Balance

Getting to and staying at a healthy weight requires both a healthy eating plan (calories IN) and regular physical activity (calories OUT).

Ways to Burn Calories

The amount of calories you burn also depends upon your current weight. Calories burned will be higher for people who weigh more and lower for people who weigh less. Your physical activity tracker adjusts for this when you enter your weight.

The chart below shows an example of approximately how many calories a person who weighs 154 pounds would burn while engaging in different activities.

Moderate Intensity Calories Burned in 30 mins Calories Burned in 1 hour
Hiking 185 cals 370 cals
Light gardening/yard work 165 cals 330 cals
Dancing 165 cals 330 cals
Golf (walking and carrying clubs) 165 cals 330 cals
Bicycling (<10 mph) 145 cals 290 cals
Walking (3.5 mph) 140 cals 280 cals
Weight training (general light workout) 110 cals 220 cals
Stretching 90 cals 180 cals
Vigorous Intensity Calories Burned in 30 mins Calories Burned in 1 hour
Running/jogging (5 mph) 295 cals 590 cals
Bicycling (>10 mph) 295 cals 590 cals
Swimming (slow freestyle laps) 225 cals 510 cals
Aerobics 240 cals 480 cals
Walking (4.5 mph) 230 cals 460 cals
Heavy yard work 220 cals 440 cals
Weight lifting (vigorous effort) 220 cals 440 cals
Basketball (vigorous) 220 cals 440 cals

Create A Positive Action Plan

Work toward reducing an average of 500 calories/day by decreasing the calories you eat and increasing the calories that you burn, to lose about 1lb/wk!
During the week, I will:

1. Keep careful track of the calories I eat each day.


3. Record my weight


4. Keep track of my physical activity


2. Calculate my new net calorie goal.

To figure out your new net calorie goal;

– Start with the calories you currently take in
– Then decide the amount of calories you plan to cut from your intake.
– Then subtract the calories you plan to burn.

For example: If you currently eat 2300 calories and plan to
– cut 300 calories from your intake and
– walk off 200 calories,

Then your total calories for the day will be:
2,300 – 300 –200 = 1,800