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You are here because you have a mild elevation in your blood sugar level known as prediabetes which increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

We want to help you reduce your risk.

Keep in mind

If you have prediabetes, getting type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be a sure thing. In fact, prediabetes can often be improved or even

The Good News

Type 2 diabetes prevention is proven, possible, and powerful! We’re glad to help you take charge of your health!

About the Program

UPrevent is an online program that has been carefully designed to help people change their lifestyle and is based on scientifically proven results from the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) research study, which showed that healthy lifestyle change could prevent or delay type 2 diabetes by 58% in people with prediabetes who were at high risk for the disease.

Taking small steps, such as eating less and moving more in order to lose weight, can help you prevent or delay type 2 diabetes and it’s related health problems.

3 Stages

The program is divided into 3 stages

Proven Basics

Consists of 16 sessions, over 6 months that provide nationally tested methods for making healthier dietary, physical activity and behavior choices that lay the groundwork for impactful, lasting benefits.

Polish Your Skills

The next 6 months will provide more in-depth information and develop strategies to transition towards long-term healthy lifestyle habits.

Preserve & Prolong Your New Healthy Lifestyle

Year 2 provides continued support and additional proven skills from individuals who have succeeded at long-term weight loss

As part of the program you will learn how to

Eat healthier

Add physical activity to your life

Manage your stress

Stay motivated

Change some habits so that new habits work for you, not against you

Solve problems that can get in the way of healthy changes

You don’t have to do it alone!

You will work with a trained lifestyle coach to learn the skills you need to make lasting changes.

You can count on your Lifestyle Coach to:


Answer your questions; share solutions and ideas.


Give you feedback: Notice what you are doing well and suggest areas where you can improve.


Believe you can reach your eating and activity goals. Support and help you always!

The good news is that losing weight and increasing your physical activity can cut your risk of type 2 diabetes in half.

What to Expect Each Session

  • Easy to follow recommendations on how to access information, tools and tips to help you make better lifestyle choices.
  • You will be asked to register your weight and the total number of minutes you engaged in physical activity for each week.
  • Your lifestyle coach will track your progress and give you feedback to help you along the way.